It is natural to approach aesthetic/cosmetic treatments with a touch of anxiety. To reassure you we provide answers to some of the questions we are asked most frequently:

Q: Who will perform the treatment? 

A: Dr Rupa Dave will perform all your treatments.

Q: Are you a registered clinic? 

A: Yes. We are registered with HIW.

Q: Do I have to proceed to treatment straight after the consultation? 

A: No! In fact we recommend that you take your time to understand all the information given to you at the consultation. We will also give you some written information for you to read at home. Once you are ready, you will be booked in to proceed with your treatment.

Q: Do you offer free consultations? 

A: No. Good advice costs! We charge £75 for the consultation. This is redeemable against treatment.

Q: Are these treatments painful?  How well will I feel after the treatment? What is the recovery time?

A: Most people tolerate the treatments with minimal discomfort. You will have the option of having a numbing cream put on 30 minutes before the procedure to minimise any pain. After care will be explained to you in detail. All these treatments have minimal recovery time.

Q: Will I bruise? 

A: You may have some bruising after the injectable treatments.This should subside within a few days.

Q: Do I need to bring someone with me to drive me back after the treatment?

A: This depends on you-Most of our clients are able to drive themselves afterwards.

Q: Will I get advice on how to look after my skin  after  the treatment?

A: A full range of printed after care instructions is given. We are available to answer your queries after the treatment is complete.

Q: Are there any additional costs I should budget for apart from the price list estimates?

A: The price list serves as a guideline-The final price will be given to you at your consultation. It is extremely rare for your final cost to be different from this.

Q: Are finance packages available? 

A: No.

Q: How can I pay? 

A: You can pay by cash/cheque/credit or debit card.